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Doyle Hall

Lathe Seminars

Give your personnel the information to implement a detailed lathe set-up by offering this highly informative school. The school includes:

Detailed slide presentation
Showing the difference in veneer  peels with correct and incorrect lathe settings.  We also discuss possible problems and show you how to correct them.

Grinding Room
A step-by-step analysis of the latest grinding techniques and equipment available for the most accurate bevels and concaves.  We also cover clipper knives.

Lathe Instruction
How to determine and set the correct knife height, lead or knife angle, nosebar or rollerbar height, knife bevel and proper horizontal gap.  How to hone and backbevel your knife.

After attending one of our seminars and in conjunction with using our gauges, you will find that problems will arise less frequent.  When one does arise, we will usually be able to solve it quickly by discussing it over the phone, saving you time and money.

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